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Finding the Right Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

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Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a major problem that causes unfathomable suffering for those addicted as well as their families and friends. Besides health risks associated with addiction, there are also social and psychological problems that are suffered. People in the grips of addiction usually won’t be able to be their best selves; they can lose their jobs, have difficulty in school, become homeless, partake in criminal activities, etc. Those suffering from addiction rarely overcome their situation alone. It is paramount that they get help from professionals. In the US alone, there are about 14,500 drug and alcohol rehab centers. With the help of loved ones, those hoping to get through their addiction can get the help they need.


Factors To Consider When Seeking a Detox Center


Reputation matters when choosing a drug and alcohol detox center. Unfortunately, there are detox and rehabilitation centers that have given the industry a bad name by caring more about filling beds than offering actual help to their patients, so doing your research before making a decision is extremely important. At PAX Memphis Recovery Center, TN,  we invite you to explore our program in depth and contact us with any questions. We’re a reputable detox center proud of our history of helping people all over the country obtain long term recovery.  Below are some of the factors to consider and advice for success when choosing the right program for you.


  • Admit the problem: nothing can be done if the addict or the family and friends of the addict don’t come to terms with the addiction. The addict or family and friends must first admit this. No need for denying the truth, acknowledging that there’s a problem beyond the control of the addict and friends and family is the first step to recovery.
  • Understand the addiction: the addict or family and friends should make a conscious effort to fully understand the nature of the addiction, therefore, they must consult a medical professional to diagnose the addiction and the underlying causes of addiction. This will help to understand what kind of treatment is needed. In some cases, addicts battle more than one condition. For instance, a person that is addicted to Methamphetamine (meth) may already be dealing with anxiety before becoming dependent on meth. It’s important to identify any co-occurring disorders.
  • Have a goal: before going to a detox center, ensure that you have a plan. Do you want to be sober for just 60 days or forever? The goal will guide you through the period of the detox. Are you willing to spend some months in the detox center? A program can last up to 60 days or even 90 days.
  • Research: the drug and alcohol detox sector is a huge profit-making business, so, unfortunately, it is not farfetched to find detox centers that are not entirely committed to giving addicts the opportunity to live a sober life again. So, family and friends need to carry out research to find out what works. Some detox centers have their area of specialization, so they won’t be able to treat all conditions. If it’s a dual condition such as addiction to meth and suffering from anxiety, then you must choose a detox center that can treat both conditions. It’s not just about the quality and cost of treatment, it’s about getting the desired result.

Other factors to consider include:

Does the detox center have an outpatient program, or is it strictly inpatient programs? Does the detox center offer a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)? Does the center offer medically assisted detox under the supervision of a qualified docrot?

Often, single-gender detox centers prove to be more effective than mixed gender centers. A single-gender system allows patients to completely focus on the goal and not get distracted.

Bottom line, If you know anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol or both, do not hesitate to seek help, don’t be scared of societal stigma. The health of your friend or relative is more important than society, so don’t waste any time. Get help immediately.