Say Hello to Our Staff

Want to meet some of the staff here at PAX Memphis Recovery Center? Keep reading.


Caleb Brooks, MSW, PCAT

Facility Director

Caleb Brooks is a Health Management Executive with current and previous experience as a Facility Director, Program Manager, Lead Therapist, and Counselor. As the Facility Director at Pax Memphis Caleb is responsible for providing overall direction and guidance to our clinical and administrative team. In 2018, Caleb received the Ida B. Wells Advocacy and Leadership Award for Community Engagement from the University of Memphis.

When asked about his involvement in the treatment process he responded: “I counsel for a living, mentor in my spare time, and try to better my patients lives one day at a time. I take my job seriously and believe that every group, every lecture, and every conversation with a patient is an opportunity to save a life”


Anne Uhrman, MSW

Primary Therapist

Anne has adopted Memphis as her home, and she has earned two degrees in social work at the University of Memphis. After receiving her B.A. with a concentration in Social Work, she served the HIV community in Memphis, TN through a local non-profit organization. As a dedicated housing case manager, she realized the importance of counseling in her field. Anne returned to school in 2016 and completed her M.S.W. degree in 2017. Upon completion of her degree, Anne stayed home to raise her daughter for the first year of her life. Anne always had a passion for counseling and obtained employment as a counselor at a residential treatment facility working with adolescents who struggle with substance abuse before coming to PAX Memphis. Anne is a compassionate, diligent therapist who is dedicated to walking hand in hand with clients as they struggle to find recovery.


Selena Hughes, MA, PCAT

Primary Therapist

Selena has worked in the substance abuse and mental health field for the last 4 years. During her career, Selena has been given the opportunity to counsel clients with co-occurring disorders. She has a Master’s degree in Community Counseling along with a  B.S. in Human Services. Her career has also allowed her to complete training for domestic violence and  volunteer for the domestic violence crisis line for a few years.  She is very passionate about working with the substance abuse and co-occurring population.


Chastity Owen

Officer Manager

Chastity Owen was raised here close to Memphis in Mississippi, completed LPN school and worked with mental disable clients for 13 years. Over those 13 years she worked as a tech, CMA, QMRP assistant, Program Coordinator and Workshop Supervisor. She then decided to change fields to Psych Hospital, Rolling Hills where she was a tech and group leader and then Delta Medical Center. In 2015, she went to work for Turning Point in Mississippi, where she was Case Manager and worked for them for over 2 years. She enjoys helping client with becoming sober and living a healthy life and planning for a safe environment once completing treatment. She enjoys spending time with her husband and 5 kids, a died-hard softball fan “GO OU Boomer Sooners”, she and her husband coach a 18-under softball team in MS in their spare time.


Jay Corrigan

Operations Manager

A Chicago native, Jay has been active in the 12-step community since 1999. The journey of recovery has sent Jay from the jungles of Belize all the way up to the mountains of Aspen, CO. Once, in his past life, the owner/operator of a small(ish) electronics retail store, Jay made the leap a few years back to the treatment field. From Quality Assurance to Compliance to Operations, he has worn many hats, but Jay found his true passion while having the honor of working with the Florida Association of Recovery Residences. As the state Training Coordinator for this certifying entity of sober homes, he found himself responsible for providing training on best practices to sober home owners across the state of Florida. Working in this capacity, he saw first-hand how resident outcomes steadily improved as those residences seeking FARR’s stamp of approval implemented his suggested changes. Now a part of Pax Memphis, Jay has taken their residential program along the same journey – striving for nothing less than being the best treatment program in the state of Tennessee. An avid hiker/biker/skier (the Aspen trifecta) and a fierce lover of dogs (owns a Yellow Lab), Jay is quick to point out that nothing takes the place of an addict and alcoholic in his heart.