Christian and Faith-Based Drug Rehab in Tennessee

christian and faith-based rehab centers in Tennessee

Living with drug addiction is a struggle, regardless of your faith life. But people of faith may have an additional burden when it comes to acknowledging their substance abuse issues. Many faithful people feel like their substance use may contradict their firmly-held beliefs. Some may question their faith or feel guilt about their addiction.

But addiction is not a choice or a moral failing. It is a disease that can develop in anyone–even those with deep spiritual beliefs. As they seek treatment for their addiction, believers must also tend to their spirituality and relationship with their Creator.

Faith-based rehab programs offer high-quality, effective addiction treatment while supporting people’s relationships with God. Discover how Christian rehab in Tennessee can help your recovery journey. Reach out to the PAX Memphis team to learn more about our programs.

Who Needs Christian Rehab in Tennessee?

The United States has a large, active religious community. People of many Christian and other denominations regularly attend religious services or participate in faith-based programs and activities as part of their spiritual life.

In 2015, the Pew Research Center performed a national survey that showed over three-quarters of Americans identify as religious. Some research estimates that almost 23 million people in the US live with a substance use disorder (SUD). It’s easy to see why the demand for faith-based rehab is on the rise.

Christian rehab programs are designed to help people deepen their relationship with God or a higher power and gain the strength they need to overcome their addiction. Faith-based rehab encourages people to turn to God and develop a long-lasting, sustaining relationship that will support their lifelong recovery.

What Happens in a Faith-Based Rehab in Tennessee?

Comprehensive addiction treatment programs utilize a combination of evidence-based and holistic therapies to help people overcome drug addiction. Faith-based rehab programs use proven therapies to support recovery and incorporate spiritual practices into people’s treatment plans.

Addiction therapy happens in stages. Each progressive step is essential to the recovery process.


Before beginning treatment, a doctor or addiction specialist will evaluate your needs and recommend a level of care or type of treatment. Your needs and preferences will determine the level of treatment you require.

The levels of care in addiction treatment include:

Once you understand the level of care you need, you may begin treatment.

Medically-supported detox

Many people require medically-supported detox before starting a comprehensive treatment program. Heavy or frequent drug use can cause changes to your brain and body, making it hard to stop using on your own. It’s common for people to experience uncomfortable, sometimes dangerous, withdrawal symptoms as their body adjusts to the absence of drugs.

During detox, medical and support staff will treat your withdrawal symptoms with medication, emotional support, and holistic therapies to keep you comfortable.


Addiction is not simply a physical condition. It’s essential to address all aspects of addiction–emotional, physical, and behavioral. A comprehensive treatment plan can give you the skills and support you need to achieve sobriety and maintain it for life.

Faith-based rehab treatment plans may include the following:

  • Religious services
  • Spiritual counsel and guidance
  • Prayer
  • Individual counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medications
  • Mental health care
  • Medical treatment
  • Education
  • Skills practice
  • Holistic therapies like massage, exercise, and nutrition support

Christian rehab in Tennessee is led by certified spiritual advisors and experienced addiction specialists. This type of treatment can give you the faith-based support and high-quality treatment you need to overcome addiction and deepen your relationship with God.

Benefits of Christian Rehab Programs

Christian rehab programs provide a unique type of support for people wanting to incorporate their faith into their recovery. There are many benefits to faith-based rehab, including the following:

  • Support from a close community of faithful people
  • Focus on spiritual reflection throughout treatment
  • Time for worship and spiritual practices during rehab
  • Emphasis on the power of scripture and prayer to aid in recovery

Sharing the experiences of other faithful people in recovery can reduce people’s sense of guilt and shame around their substance abuse and addiction. The community of peers can build relationships with each other and God as they overcome addiction and work toward new goals.

Research from Baylor University discovered that incorporating spiritual and religious practices into treatment programs can lead to better outcomes. Comprehensive treatment programs that address addiction’s complex roots and spiritual aspects may help people achieve complete, long-lasting recovery.

Find Christian Rehab in Tennessee Today

If you or someone you love require substance abuse treatment or support in addiction recovery, you are not alone. A faith-based rehab in Tennessee can give you the tools and support to put addiction in the past and move forward. Reach out to the caring PAX Memphis specialists today to find the right treatment program for you.

Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.