Suboxone Doctor in Tupelo Alabama

Suboxone Doctors in Tupelo Alabama

Long lasting recovery usually begins with detox, and detox is most successful when paired with suboxone use. If you’re looking for a suboxone doctor in Tupelo, Alabama, read on.

What is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment, or suboxone therapy, is the controlled use of suboxone in order to ease the dangers and pains of detoxifying your body. It is completely safe and is actually recommended over abstinence-based therapies by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

SAMHSA approves the use of Suboxone, Vivitrol, and methadone in the detox process. Methadone has been used in detox for decades, but suboxone was approved recently, in 2000. It has been found to be totally safe and more effective than going cold turkey in many studies.

If you’re concerned with getting a high from suboxone use while in recovery, don’t worry. Unlike methadone, Suboxone doesn’t give patients a high, which is why it has been a successful aid in detox

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The length of time it takes to detox varies from patient to patient. It may take a few months but could also take up to a year to complete successfully. It’s important to not get discouraged if it takes you longer than others. Everyone has their own pace and will heal at the rate that is conducive to a successful recovery. If you want more detailed information on how PAX can help you detox with Suboxone, call us today.

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